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Lack of desire: The causes

Several causes can be the cause of lack of desire. A psychological ill-being has direct repercussions on desire. Thus, a depressive episode is often accompanied by a decline in libido; the desire diminishes at the same time as the vital impulse. Stress, anxiety, work problems and fatigue are also enemies of sexual desire: preoccupied, the mind can not let go to sensuality.

Lack of desire can also have medical causes.
In humans, a hormonal imbalance (testosterone drop) can explain a lack of desire. It is also necessary to know that with the age, the rate of male sex hormones decreases (one sometimes speaks of andropause, in parallel with the feminine menopause).

Taking certain medications, including glaucoma treatments, high blood pressure ... can lead to a loss of libido; you must talk to your doctor.
Finally, some metabolic or endocrine diseases, but also all diseases more or less serious (sometimes with a significant psychological impact), weaken the body and may inhibit desire.

In women, hormones also affect the desire of women. Estrogens, in particular, have a fundamental role on the libido. After a particular birth, the hormonal impregnation changes and often leads to a decrease in libido, transient most of the time. Some contraceptive pills can sometimes have an inhibitory action.
Finally, just as in humans, many diseases may affect directly or indirectly the libido, the body being weakened.

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