Liver Diseases: Sources and Notes

Author: Charles Brumauld.
Expert consultant : Pr Victor de Lédinghen, head of the hepatogastroenterology and digestive oncology department of the Bordeaux University Hospital.


> Professional recommendations, Update, Diagnostic criteria and initial assessment of uncomplicated cirrhosis. December 2008. HAS.

> University Collegiate in Hepato-gastroenterology. Cirrhosis and complications. Website: Francophone Virtual Medical University. Nantes (France); 2009.

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- Diabetes Fact Sheet No. 312, September 2006, WHO. - Management of diabetes. Diabetes type 1 of the adult. Guide - Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents, Long - Term Care, HAS, May 2006. - Drug treatment of type 2 diabetes (actualization) - Professional recommendation, Afssaps-HAS, November 2006
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