Basedow's disease: prevention

It is not possible to prevent Graves' disease. But if in your family there have already been cases of thyroid diseases, you can try to lower your own risk of developing this disease by these preventive measures:

  • Avoid stress : In people with genetic predispositions, stress can increase the risk of developing Graves' disease, or even trigger it. Try not to expose yourself to unnecessary stress, give yourself rest when you need it, and enjoy the benefits of different relaxation techniques.
  • Stop smoking - or stay smoke -free: In people with genetic predispositions, smoking significantly increases the risk of developing Graves' disease. Because tobacco has a negative impact on the immune system. Also, smokers with Graves' disease most often suffer from exophthalmia.
  • Other prevention measures against Graves' disease are strengthening the immune system and improving physical well-being in general: ensure a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly!

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