Back pain and pelvis during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common pain in pregnant women.

Pregnancy is the occasion for multiple physiological changes, including increased weight and elasticity of the tissues, which cause different functioning of the lumbar spine, and constraints on osteoarticular structures.

Low back pain is frequently associated with gluteal pain. In fact, half of pregnant women have pelvic girdle pain, a third of lower back pain, one in six women combining both pathologies. Many women tolerate this pain and do not consult.

During pregnancy, sacroiliac pain and pubalgia are related to changes in pelvic geometry and could be explained by micromobility of sacroiliac joints (posterior, buttocks) and pubic symphysis ( previous) related to loosening of the joints and ligaments of the pelvis .

To better understand: Diagram of the pelvis, anterior view

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During pregnancy, there is a general laxity of hormonal origin of connective tissue. Hormonal factors (estrogen and relaxin) occur via hormonal receptors on the ligaments, muscles and entheses of the pelvic region. This laxity facilitates delivery by allowing an enlargement of the pelvic ring and therefore the commitment of the baby's head.

The pains of the sacroiliac region could also be explained by microtraumatisms of the connective tissues, consequence of the forces developed by the extensor muscles of the trunk to oppose the force of anterior flexion exerted by the increasing weight of the uterus: during pregnancy, there is more lumbar lordosis (arching becomes more pronounced) and anteversion of the pelvis increases.

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Author: Dr Agnès Chabot

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