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Bad before the rules: the testimony of a patient

Ségolène, 28, recounts her problems a few days before her period. Here is his testimony ...

Before the period, you often feel bad ...

Yes, every month, about a week before my period, I begin to feel bad. I have a stomach ache, I have multi-daily episodes of stool, which is the only good thing for me who is constipated in normal times. I have the impression of gaining weight before the menses, besides it is not just an impression, I can not close my pants and my scales take pleasure in proving me to be right. I cry for a yes or a no. Once, there was no croissant at the bakery and I burst into tears!

And your mood is not extraordinary ...

I am angry at everyone. I have desires for murder. Even my little boy is screaming for things that would pass smoothly the rest of the time. My friend can not come near me without me barking at him. Besides, he says to me with great elegance: do you have your period or what? What has the gift to annoy me even more ... and I sometimes want to answer him that: "yes, I am whimsical like the moon of which we women draw our cycle! "

How do you fix it?

First, I fight violently against the desire to stay under the cover, because otherwise I may spend more than a week a month ...

Since I'm grinding black and have as much energy as a larva, I do a vitamin C cure and take homeopathic treatment every month, in anticipation of the storm. It was my doctor who prescribed it to me when he saw that it was worse and worse. I even happened to be on sick leave because I was so depressed.

I drink a lot of water, tea instead of coffee, and I enjoy myself with chocolate that I forbid outside this period.

I massage my breasts with warm water, I ask my friend to massage my legs and it makes me crazy.

And to avoid being even more depressed, I never get on the scale before the end of my period!

Do you find that there is improvement?

Yes since my birth. It may be purely psychological, but I find that I have much more patience with others, since I am obliged to have some with my two year old son!

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