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Eyes ache

Almost everyone has experienced at least once in their life the experience of hurting their eyes. To have sore eyes can be very embarrassing and even scary. Eye pain is a very common reason for consultation, both in the ophthalmologist and in the general practitioner.

When there is pain in the eyes, the pain may affect the eyes themselves or the area around them. Eye pain may be accompanied by headaches, and may be associated with visual disturbances.

Eye pain often goes hand in hand with other symptoms, such as:

  • red eyes (one or both eyes)
  • itching
  • foreign body sensation
  • crying eye
  • nausea
  • fear of heights
  • pressure sensitivity
  • Jaw pain ...

One can have sore eyes for many reasons. Possible causes include trauma with local lesion on the eye, conjunctivitis, corneal injury, dry eyes, or severe migraine. An ophthalmia of the snow can also cause pain with the eyes, with type of burns.

If you have intense or sudden eye pain (one or both) that occurs suddenly or regularly, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause. The best is to consult an ophthalmologist.

Fortunately, it happens that these pains disappear by themselves. When this is not the case, the treatment proposed by the doctor depends on the cause. Depending on the diagnosis, antibiotics eye drops (eye drops) or other gels and ointments may be prescribed. These local treatments are often accompanied by other measures to relieve pain: it may for example be advisable to refresh the eyes (compresses) or also to take an analgesic medicine.

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