Early menopause: symptoms

The disorders of premature ovarian failure or precursors of early menopause are the same as those of the "normal" pre-menopause.

There are 2 types of symptoms that need attention:

Irregular cycles

Menstrual cycles become shorter sometimes, but usually longer. They are spaced out more and more (this is spaniomenorrhea), with stops sometimes of several months.

Hot flashes and night sweats

When these symptoms occur quite early, that is to say before forty years, it is advisable to consult. A blood test may be prescribed to analyze hormonal assays.

By a blood test: a two-time assay of FSH (significant elevation) and estradiol (collapse rates).

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In a young woman with a desire for pregnancy, when we want to assess the ovarian reserve, we can dose inhibin B and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone that drops) and do a pelvic ultrasound to identify the number of follicles antral (those likely to ovulate).

Depending on the results, we will know if it is an entry in the pre-menopausal period, a very variable period according to women. It can last a few months or years (on average 3 to 4 years).

Precision: The diagnosis of premature ovarian failure implies that in some cases the ovarian function can "go back", the rules can return.

It's not common, but it's not exceptional either; ovulation or pregnancy may occur in some premature ovarian failure, especially if the woman is young (under 35 years of age).

To see: What are the causes of late menstruation?

In case of late menstruation, the diagnosis of pregnancy must first be eliminated. Once this diagnosis is eliminated, there are a number of causes that can delay the arrival of the menstrual cycle.

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