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Drugs, then useful or dangerous? : Sources and notes

- Philippe Even and Bernard Debré, 4, 000 useful drugs, useless or dangerous, Ed. Cherche midi, 2012.

- National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (France)

Analysis of drug sales in France in 201, October 2012.

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Self-medication: pharmacist's advice - Guide Medicinal Product
Guide Medicinal Product

Self-medication: pharmacist's advice

Alain Delgutte, President of the Central Council of Pharmacists holding pharmacies, gives his advice on self-medication. What is the pharmacist's role in self-medication? Alain Delgutte : Always ask your pharmacist. It is up to him to make sure that the patient takes the right medicine, for the right pathology, at the right dosage
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AIDS: progress thanks to generic drugs! - Guide Medicinal Product
Guide Medicinal Product

AIDS: progress thanks to generic drugs!

Today around 34 million people in the world are living with HIV ... and only 50% of them are HIV-positive . Although the percentage of HIV-positive adults has stabilized, the number of new infections and AIDS deaths remains far too high! Fortunately, progress is being made in research on the disease, as well as on new treatments, but also for better access to care by the poorest populations, which is a major step to reduce this disease worldwide
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