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Drugs, then useful or dangerous? : Sources and notes

- Philippe Even and Bernard Debré, 4, 000 useful drugs, useless or dangerous, Ed. Cherche midi, 2012.

- National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (France)

Analysis of drug sales in France in 201, October 2012.

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Anticoagulant: The monitoring of anticoagulants - Guide Medicinal Product
Guide Medicinal Product

Anticoagulant: The monitoring of anticoagulants

Taking a treatment that is not anticoagulant requires special survival. Indeed, the problem of AVK treatments is that they must be specifically adapted to each patient . Before starting your treatment, your doctor will have you make a first check by taking a blood test measuring your INR. It should be noted that any factor (genetics, medication, transient infection, diarrhea, fever, etc
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