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The urologist

The urologist is a doctor and often specialized surgeon who takes care of the pathologies affecting the organs of the urinary system (kidneys, urinary tract, bladder, prostate ...).

The urologist can practice in private practice, in the hospital or in a clinic. Of course, the surgical operation itself is done in a hospital setting. In France, about 860 practicing urologist surgeons.

Diseases supported

The urologist intervenes when a surgical operation is necessary on the urinary system. This can range from ablation of a urinary calculus, to a polyp in the bladder, a tumor in a kidney or in the prostate. But an urologist can also be consulted in case of urological symptoms that require an accurate diagnosis, without necessarily a surgical operation to the key. This specialist may prescribe other treatments: such as drugs, or rehabilitation.

Thus an urologist can take care of patients suffering from urinary incontinence that can be treated by re-education, sometimes drugs, more rarely surgery. An urologist can also treat someone with a high urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis). Urinary stones can be treated by medication, but also by lithotripsy that explodes the calculations with shock waves ... or by an operation by low pathways (natural), or by high way intervening in the conduit coming out of the kidney or ureter.

A very common operation concerns the prostate: adenoma of the prostate or benign prostatic hypertrophy. It can be done by natural means (urethra) and a surgical instrument "planes" the hypertrophied prostate. Other times, an operation by making an incision of the lower abdomen, is necessary. In urology, surgeons use increasingly miniaturized instruments, but also innovative therapies (sometimes even experimental) using probes producing cold, laser radiation, microwaves ...

Urologists also deal with male sexuality problems, such as erection problems.

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