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The osteopath: the osteopath consultation

An osteopathic consultation usually takes place in several stages:

  • First, the osteopath discusses with the patient to know what is happening, to understand his symptoms and his environment.
  • Then, the second time is devoted to the tests that the osteopath performs on the patient.
  • The third step is treatment. The osteopath will practice a number of manipulations on the patient's body.

Therapy is only manual, osteopaths only practice with their hands.

According to the osteopath, a session lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

In case of stuck back or lumbar pain, many people rush to an osteopath. In case of mechanical pain and muscle contracture, manipulations can soothe the pain or find a good mobility.

But be careful, however, it is better to always have a medical diagnosis to his problem beforehand to avoid the occurrence of an accident related to manipulation.

And if the pain persists despite the intervention of the osteopath, the opinion of a general practitioner (or a rheumatologist or functional rehabilitation specialist) is recommended.

It should be noted that a 2013 report evaluating the effectiveness of certain parallel practices, including osteopathy, concluded that "spinal manipulation is moderately effective in:

  • acute, subacute or chronic low back pain
  • acute, subacute or chronic neck pain
  • headache of cervical origin,
  • dizzy states of cervical origin,
  • to a lesser degree on migraine.

Their effect is uncertain on tension headache. The possible complications of cervical manipulation are rare, but serious. "

But aside from these reservations, many patients are relieved by an osteopath. A few manipulative sessions can solve the problem and avoid taking medications sometimes extended.

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The training of osteopaths

To become an exclusive osteopath, after the baccalaureate, you have to go to an approved osteopathic school. According to the law, it takes 3 years of study to become an osteopath, but the whole profession agrees that this is not enough, and today the majority of schools therefore form osteopaths in 5 years.

Doctors can also specialize in osteopathy to become an osteopathic doctor. And there are now osteopathic midwives, but also osteopathic masseurs-physiotherapists, etc.

Osteopathy for animals?

It should be known that there is also osteopathy for animals. It has developed more recently and came mainly from the equine environment. Schools have just opened and now form animal osteopaths, for dogs, cats, etc.

Manipulation is done to try to improve animal body mobility.

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Authors: Laëtitia Demma and Dr. Nicolas Evrard.

Source: D. Bontoux et al, Complementary therapies: acupuncture, hypnosis, osteopathy, tai chi, their place in the therapeutic arsenal. National Academy of Medicine, report of March 5, 2013.

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