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The osteopath is a professional who is often called upon when suffering from osteo-articular pains, headaches, etc. Some practitioners practicing osteopathy are doctors or physiotherapists ...

When to go to see an osteopath?

The stated goal of osteopathy is to restore certain functions of the body in a preventive but also curative way. It is a manual discipline that deals with mechanical pathologies.

As a preventive measure, some people will consult an osteopath even without complaining of symptoms or pain, but to see if everything works well in the body.

All ages can consult an osteopath: babies to the elderly, as well as pregnant women (with an osteopath who is familiar with obstetrics).

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Osteopaths usually treat osteo-articular problems and back problems. Many people also consult an osteopath for migraines, headaches, stomach pains, and so on.

In France, there are more than 10, 000 osteopaths, 7, 000 osteopathic physiotherapists and more than 1, 300 osteopathic doctors (according to the French Osteopaths Registry - 2013 data).

Schoolbag: watch out for back pain!

The weight of the binder is often more than 20% of the weight of the child i How to avoid back problems for our children? Here are the tips of the osteopath ...

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