The egg: omega 3, iodine and iron

Omega 3, iodine, iron, ... Here are other nutritional values ​​that the egg has to offer!

Omega 3

The virtues of these fatty acids have been widely publicized, in particular their properties for the prevention against certain diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases.

The use of seeds (flaxseed, rapeseed) in the hens' diet makes it possible to multiply by 40 the quantity of alpha-linolenic acid present in the egg.

Eggs are used as an intake of omega-3 fatty acids in milks suitable for infants, and there is evidence that egg consumption increases the fatty acid content in the milk of lactating women.

Iodine intake

The egg contains a fairly large amount of iodine. Thus, the egg could be an alternative food for improving the iodine status of the population (in 100 g of egg, there is 33% of recommended daily intake of iodine for an adult).

Iron intake

The presence of iron in the egg is not negligible (its iron content is 2 to 3 g per 100 g), which can compensate for the decrease in the consumption of red meat by the general population, and the dificits in iron so common in women between puberty and menopause.

In fact, 20% of women do not have iron stores, which can predispose to certain health problems. Iron deficiency is particularly damaging in pregnant women.

In pictures: foods rich in iron

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