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Hypnosis to sleep: evacuate emotions

Hypnosis can help people with sleep disorders reconnect to a natural process of falling asleep and letting go. During the sessions, we will relearn to the patient the positive sensations that characterize the state of sleep, for it to find them more easily after, once alone. It is therefore a real reeducation to sleep, a pedagogy that can be put into practice by the person independently, to trigger sleep and enjoy a restful sleep.

Learn to cut the flow of thought

It is often the insistent thoughts that bother us and do not allow us to fall asleep or to have a quiet sleep: they turn in a loop, preventing us from relaxing mentally and physically.

Hypnosis can show people who have this problem how to cut thinking, and allow the unconscious to create the necessary state to sleep well. It's a real pedagogical work that aims to teach the hypnotized person to achieve sleep quickly and sustainably. This usually takes between 2 and 5 sessions. If it is not effective, after these few sessions ... we can advise to consider other solutions.

Emotions to be evacuated

Sleep disorders can sometimes have deeper causes, linked to certain emotional life events (mourning, emotional breakdown, accident). They are often people who have a very disturbed sleep, frequent nightmares, waking up to sleep, or experiencing strong emotions during sleep.

In this case, the work of the hypnotist will focus on the past of the hypnotized person, to identify the traumatic event that is at the root of the problem. He will then help the unconscious to express differently the emotions related to this event.

Useful information

A hypnosis session lasting about an hour costs about 60 euros (75 euros in Paris); Hypnotherapy sessions for better sleep are not supported by Social Security.

Good to know: 15 tips for good sleep ir

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