Haptonomy: haptonomy courses

The great advantage of haptonomy courses is therefore the fact that this method of preparation involves both the mother and the father of the unborn baby.

The father's role

Haptonomy fully includes the father. In the same way as the mother, he can indeed "come into contact" with his future child, which implies more in this relationship that is no longer unique to the woman. The fetus would even be very receptive to the communication of his father, because the deep voices are transmitted well through the amniotic fluid.
In addition, during haptonomy classes, the father can learn the gestures that will be used to relieve the mother during the pain of childbirth.

Haptonomy during childbirth

In prenatal care, haptonomy classes help relieve the mother during contractions and seek help from the future dad. At the time of delivery, he can take the future mother between her legs cross-legged and gently rock her. This will help relax the muscles of the lower abdomen and gently guide the baby outward.

Haptonomy classes after childbirth

Haptonomy can also constitute postnatal support. Indeed, one or two courses of haptonomy are sometimes advised to the parents a few weeks after the birth to promote the harmony between the in utero life and the new life of the baby. Indeed, haptonomy has good repercussions on the psycho-emotional development of your child if support is continued after birth.

To know more

To learn more about the haptonomy method, the course of a pre-natal or post-natal haptonomy course, training and useful addresses, see:

  • The website of the International Center for Research and Development of Haptonomy (CIRDH):
  • The website of the Scientific Institute of Haptonomy (ISH):

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Sources and notes:
The Big Book of Pregnancy, National College of Gynecologists-Obstretricians, Eyrolles, 2014.

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