Nicotine substitutes

The ban on smoking in bars, restaurants, cafes ... and the constant rise in prices may well be an opportunity for smokers to permanently stop smoking. To achieve this, nicotine substitutes can be very good allies.

These nicotine substitutes can be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy. There are several types: patch, eraser, inhaler, tablet.

Find in our files information on the mode of operation of the different nicotine substitutes as well as practical advice to make good use of it.

Why are we addicted?

The brain has - "unfortunately" - receptors for a substance in cigarettes: nicotine. While smoking, nicotine "rises" to the brain and causes the sensation of pleasure that over time makes addicted. This intake creates a physical addiction and smoking becomes a "need" for the brain. To this need of the brain is added the habit of the gesture for the smoker, which is also difficult to lose.

When the smoker stops, he may suffer from feelings of lack, stress, irritability, sleep disorders, an increase in appetite ... We talk about withdrawal syndrome. Nicotine substitutes are a good way to avoid these symptoms.

How much are you addicted to tobacco?

The Fagerström test, used by doctors and pharmacists, assesses tobacco dependence. So, are you addicted to tobacco? Take the test to find out!

Reimbursement of nicotine substitutes

Since 1 February 2007, the Health Insurance has reimbursed up to 50 euros per year for treatment based on nicotine substitutes. To be reimbursed, you must have a nicotine replacement prescription. It will only be refunded in a deferred manner, the third-party payer not applying in this case.

According to the Health Insurance, patches, inhalers, gums and tablets are reimbursed in the Niquitin®, Nicotinell®, Nicorette®, Nicogum®, Nicopass® and Nicopatch® brands.

See also: our tips for quitting

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