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Infant regurgitation

After their bottle, babies often make a roast and a little milk comes out of their mouths: it is a regurgitation, a phenomenon quite normal during the first weeks.

Regurgitation is sometimes important and can be difficult to differentiate from vomiting. It should not be confused, vomiting is more abundant and jet and when they are frequent, they cause a slowing of the weight curve.

As long as the baby is gaining weight normally, that there is not a break in its growth curve, the regurgitations are benign and it is necessary to take his trouble in patience.

Some regurgitations are poorly tolerated and can cause respiratory or digestive disorders such as esophagitis, that is to say an inflammation of the lining of the esophagus due to acid reflux.

Reflux can also lead to recurrent ORL or respiratory infections, especially when regurgitation occurs during sleep, when the baby is lying down.

If the baby becomes cyanotic or becomes pale when it regurgitates, becomes abruptly soft after eating, cries during bottle feeding, traces of blood are present in regurgitations, or if they are frequent after meals, during sleep, these are probably poorly tolerated.

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