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The first words of baby

The first words are, like the first steps, a symbolic step in the development of the child. You wait for them impatiently, and hope that they will be destined for you ... If first sounds come out of the child's mouth early enough, however, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the first year for the beginnings of the language. begin.

From vocalises to words

Language learning follows certain steps ... knowing that each child is different, and that this acquisition can vary from one child to another.

In the first weeks, the infant gradually learns to control his breathing movement and the functioning of his larynx. Around 2 months, he responds to your smiles and reacts to familiar voices. He chirps, vocalizes while pronouncing vowels. Around 4 months, come the first bursts of laughter. Then he adds consonants to the vowels, but they are still simple vocalises he appreciates for their sound. Around 6 months old, the child likes to make new sounds, to converse with other babies. Around 7-8 months old, he begins to understand certain words, repeats the sounds he has just heard, and begins to babble. He doubles syllables.

From 12 months, the acquisition of the language enters its speaker period. The child will learn words. Around 14 months, his vocabulary counts ten, on average. Around 16 months, his language is rapidly enriching, he learns words and words "sentences", all the more easily as you ask him often. Some words refer to many things. Little by little, he associates the words between them, "milk" with "drink", for example. Around 20-22 months, he can say 2-word sentences.

In the second year, the child increases his understanding of language, but his vocabulary remains approximate.

Around the age of 3, this is the key step. He says "I", has twenty verbs and nearly 1, 000 words. He learns colors, understands opposites. On the other hand, he still pronounces the words badly; to learn the language as we practice it, more than three years will still be necessary.

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