The names: The origins and inspirations

The repertoire of first names currently in vogue, or in progress, draws in several sources:
> The "retro" source brings back the names of the second half of the 19th century (Louis, Jules, Camille, Thiphaine ...)
> The source "antique", and especially "Roman" is declining today, after a peak in the 80-90 (Emilie, Julie, Alexander).
> The "biblical" source is also losing ground (Benjamin, Sarah ...), just like the source "American-Celtic" (Kevin, Morgan, Dylan ...). Fashionable in the 80s, it seems to have left its place to the source "Latin" and his first names Iberian and Italian, very prominent in recent years.

The first names of 2015

In the list of top 5 first names in 2015:
> Girls side: Emma is still in the lead, followed by Lola, Chloé, Inès and Léa .

> Boys side: Nathan, who has held the podium for several years now, ahead of Lucas, Leo, Gabriel and Timéo.

The popularity of short names has also been confirmed over the past fifteen years. The first names in 5 letters maximum (Cléa, Lilou, for the girls, Tim, Alex or Théo for the boys) are in perpetual progress.

Abandoned during the years 80-90, the first names come back in force. Special mention for Lou-Anne and Marie-Amélie for girls, Jean-Baptiste and Pierre-Louis for boys.

Mixed names from elsewhere are also on the rise. The Camille, Noa, Sacha, Mael and Lou are more and more popular.

Trends are also defined in terms of sounds . On the girl side, the names in "a" and "ia" are queens. The sounds in "é", "ene" and the juxtapositions of vowels are also pleasing. In boys, the sounds in "in", "ain", "ian", "is" and "o" stand out among the many existing endings.

One last strong trend: orthographic variants . Now parents choose not only the name of their child, but also the way to write it!

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