Dry feet

Tired of dry, horny feet that are not pleasant to the touch? Here are some tips for them to find softness and lightness ...

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> To know how to take care of one's feet.

The heap of skin under the heel or the base of the big toes, forms a kind of protection: the horn, often thick and yellowed, which reinforces the skin in these zones subjected to repeated pressures and frictions (walking, shoes), a person doing about 6, 000 steps a day!

Possible complications

Dry feet, in addition to being unpleasant to the touch, may experience certain complications:
> More or less deep crevices that can form in the heel or toes, and be very painful.
> Hyperkeratosis.
> Corns.

All these conditions must be treated quickly, because in the long term, they could cause other types of discomfort, such as lower back pain due to poor posture.
On the other hand, if you suffer from particular diseases, such as diabetes, arteritis, strong venous insufficiency, polyneuritis ... it is very important to take care of foot problems, such as dry feet (with help from a podiatrist).
So taking care of your feet is very important. For this, several methods are possible.

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