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Having dandruff can be annoying on a daily basis, first from a strictly aesthetic point of view, and because of the itching of the scalp that sometimes occurs.

Dandruff is a small piece of dead skin, dander from the scalp that, like the rest of the body, releases itself from the superficial cells of the epidermis. When they are too thick or too numerous, films can be particularly troublesome and unsightly.

We distinguish "classically" two types of film:

Dried films:

Dry dandruff is white, thin and flat, and is easily detached. They are often accompanied by itching of the scalp.

The cause: dry dandruff is due to too rapid cellular renewal of the epidermis. They are easily seen with the naked eye on the shoulders.


Dandruff is small, round, rather yellowish and tends to stick to the scalp. They are often accompanied by itching and irritation,

The cause: oily dandruff appears mainly on oily hair but does not necessarily notice. An excess of sebum in the hair (or seborrhea) can be at the origin of these fatty films.

Note: in addition to dandruff, we can sometimes observe a strong inflammation of the scalp.

How to stop these dandruff? Do they necessarily originate from a skin disease? Which ? From causes to treatments: in our special file, you will know everything to finally put an end to unsightly and embarrassing dandruff!

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