Methods of preparation for childbirth: yoga

Who is yoga for?

Yoga, or "junction" in Sanskrit, evokes the idea of ​​inner unification of the person.
It is a millennial method of Indian origin designed to help human beings to find well-being through a harmony between their body and their mind by a work mixing the physical and the psychic. It is intended for anxious or stressed pregnant women who need to be reassured and who prefer gentle methods.

What does it consist on ?

We can start yoga at the beginning of pregnancy, but it is usually from the 4th month that we usually consider taking classes, one or two sessions a week, lasting about an hour. each. We can continue after delivery.

No need to have practiced yoga for several years to follow the preparation. Beginners can get started, and there are specific classes for pregnant women. Relaxation, concentration, listening to your body and balance between the physical and the mental: this gentle practice can relieve the classic evils related to pregnancy (circulatory problems, back and lumbar pain, nausea, anxiety), and prepare also for 'delivery.

The expectant mother thus learns to manage her breathing, which is so important during the contractions and at the time of expulsion of the child, and to improve the flexibility of the perineum. She also practices stretching exercises, especially to soften and tone the muscles, and others to know how to position the pelvis well.

>> Watch a prenatal yoga class, with Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet:

What is prenatal preparation with prenatal yoga? In this interview, Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet returns in detail on the interest of this preparation and on the way it is carried out.

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More information on Dr Bernadette De Gasquet's website:

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The benefits
Thanks to the yoga sessions, the future mother, prepared in peace and serenity, frees herself from the tensions, to be ready physically and mentally for the birth of her child.

The inconvenients
Yoga involves a real aptitude for concentration, or even meditation. The father is welcome to the sessions, except for those devoted to the perineum. Sessions are reimbursed as long as they have been prescribed by a doctor and performed by specially trained midwives (and not by yoga teachers).

They are possible for women who have had miscarriages, or at risk of premature labor. Always follow the advice of the gynecologist or obstetrician or midwife. A certificate is anyway necessary to follow this preparation by yoga.

The opinion of Karina, 41, teacher of schools:
"Because my late pregnancy was considered" at risk ", I was very much followed by my doctors. The medical side of my pregnancy worried me and I wanted to add a touch more "natural" by following a few yoga sessions. This allowed me to dramatize the event and especially to have the impression to take a little control of the situation. I wanted to feel active in this whole process. Even though my son was born by Caesarean section, I do not regret these yoga classes at all. They allowed me to arrive much more serene at the maternity. And I even re-registered some time after birth to put back my pelvis and learn to properly wear my baby without hurting my back.

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