Essential oils for my beauty

Aromatherapy can be a precious ally for our beauty. 100% natural, with their regenerative properties essential oils have a key place in the aesthetic field.

Whether in the field of beauty or health, the benefits of essential oils are increasingly known. Essential oils of lavender, tea trea, peppermint or lemon ... The essential oils have a real momentum in recent years, including essential oils certified "organic"!

However, these substances from the distillation of aromatic plants are extremely powerful . We must therefore handle them with great care and know-how, so that their natural properties can exalt our beauty.

Let's discover together how to use essential oils in the service of our beauty, to have beautiful skin, silky hair and strong nails.

Essential oils: definition

Let's start with a terminological clarification: essential oils are not oils. This is indeed plant extracts that contain aromatic molecules in the liquid state. Thus, essential oils are lipophilic (mix with oil), but they are not fat and are very volatile.

Essential oils are the product of the steam distillation of aromatic plants, flowers and berries from around the world. Only the aromatic plants can give essential oils: lavender, thyme, basil, eucalyptus ... They are distilled with water vapor and one obtains a pure essential oil, on the one hand on the other hand a hydrosol (water which was used for distillation, weakly loaded with essential oil).

Essential oils are aromatic substances with extremely intense fragrance and virtues. At the base of their power, there is a very special chemical composition: the essential oils can contain up to 8000 aromatic molecules, explaining that they are very powerful and very complex. So much for the definition of essential oils.

An active ingredient for each use

Really concentrated of active ingredients, essential oils have been used since the 10th century to cure the minor ailments of daily life, strengthen natural defenses and restore vitality to the body. With their aromatic molecules, they are active on our body: some of these molecules have one or more specific therapeutic actions .

If their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral virtues are well known, in the aesthetic field, essential oils are precious especially thanks to their toning, calming, healing and antioxidant power.

The synergy of essential oils

Essential oils are often mixed together because they have a synergetic action . They contain different molecules and by associating them together, we obtain a wider range of molecules to adapt to its own needs.

For example, in the case of an acne skin, one needs both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product: it will be possible to mix true lavender, Roman chamomile and tea tree. To obtain a very complex synergy against acne, this mixture of essential oils can be diluted with a vegetable oil suitable for oily skin (hazelnut or jojoba, for example).

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Author: Elide Achille.
Expert consultant: Julien Kaibeck, aromatherapist.

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