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Hallucinations are irrelevant perceptions to be perceived. They can touch the five senses. Thus, there is visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory or taste hallucination.

Hallucinations can also be cenesthetic . They then correspond to impressions inside the body. An individual who experiences a cenesthetic hallucination will have, for example, the sensation of movement (walking, arm movement) while he is not moving.

There are, moreover, so-called psychic hallucinations. These refer to the voices in the head.

This type of hallucination is to be distinguished from auditory hallucinations:

  • psychic hallucinations correspond to voices that the individual hears inside his skull, so there is no special character.
  • in the case of auditory hallucinations, the individual can indicate in which direction he hears the voices.

These two types of hallucinations are very common in the schizophrenic clinical picture. They add to a similar phenomenon called "mental automatism". This symptom gives an impression of loss of control over one's own mental state and thoughts. The individual feels that a thought imposes itself on him, becomes automatic or self-sufficient.

People with schizophrenia can therefore describe echoes of thought (that is, thought repeats itself over and over without the person being able to stop it) and commentaries of actions (where the thought comments on what the individual does in reality).

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Author: Lucie Montegut, psychologist

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