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Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain (also known as neurogenic pain) is considered chronic pain. They are caused by the injury or irritation of a central or peripheral nervous structure, or dysfunction.

The pain is exhausting ... but it also prevents rest. It often causes insomnia and disrupts everyday life, which increases the sensitivity to pain ... It's a vicious circle. In addition, people with neuropathic pain are often alone in managing their pain.

In the long run, these patients become irritable, sometimes aggressive, and it is the entourage who suffers the consequences. The repercussions are familial and also professional. Hence the importance of consulting to have a management of this particular pain.

Neuropathic pain is specific pain, very different from the so-called "classic" pain, such as a headache or a fall, a trauma.

They are manifested by electric shocks, tingling, tingling, burning sensations, or the opposite of painful cold sensations. These pains are throbbing and sometimes important, explaining that with time, they have an impact on the morale.

Neuropathic pain is like a puzzle: each patient has a different pain that can occur spontaneously or be triggered by a touch or movement, which should not cause pain in normal times. For patients, it is not really easy to be properly cared for, they may have trouble finding the doctor providing them the right solution. And we must admit that the treatments we have, do not always bring the expected results.

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