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Essential ingredient of foreplay, caresses awaken the body desire, pleasure, sensuality. They are the ones who give the sexual act all its sensual dimension ... it is still necessary to know how to lavish and receive them.

Moments of sensuality

The caresses allow first of all a conditioning of the body; they have this incredible power to relax, to dispel tensions accumulated throughout the day while tenderness but they also allow an arousal of excitement. They will be more effective and more erotic enriched with scented oil or delait massage.

To the general caresses on the whole body will succeed intimate caresses, more sensual on the erogenous zones ...

In women, all areas of the body are likely to be erogenous, ie to arouse desire: the lips, the neck, the breasts, the lower abdomen, the buttocks, the inner thighs will welcome with pleasure the caresses, the touch of the hand, but also of the mouth.

The man also has such erogenous zones - lip, nipple, buttocks, inner thighs. Be aware however that to be nice, these caresses should not last too long during the preliminaries. Too long, they will tire your partner.

Stroking the male

On sex, many erogenous zones call the caresses, but to increase the pleasure, it may be wise to start with the surrounding areas - inner thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen - rather than stroking the penis directly. Be careful, however, not to prolong this approach too much, it could become unbearable for the man, in whom the excitement is rising much faster.

On the penis, the areas to be caressed are various, each bringing a lot of pleasure. The most sensitive is the glans brake, extremely rich in sensuality sensors. The crown of the glans, then the glans come on the scale of pleasure. The more sensitive the area, the more gentle the caresses will be.

Often forgotten, the penis shaft, the bursa and the area around the anus are also very sensitive to caresses. The stem of the glans (spongy body of the penis below) for example will enjoy vigorous massage. But each man having his preferences, the communication will be essential to optimize the pleasure.

What to stroke? The hands are of course the first tool, the fingers, but the whole body can be put to contribution: the velvety breasts lavish infinitely soft caresses, while the lips and mouth will allow wet caresses and more skillful ...

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