Good slimming tips: dietary advice

To lose weight, nutritionists and dieticians recommend a number of rules that - rest assured! - are common sense! To follow therefore these good dietary tips thinness:

Do not set too high a goal

Losing 10% of its weight is considered by specialists as already a good result. Because the most important will be to stabilize its weight and to stay at these - 10%!

See our video on weight stabilization after dieting:

Interview of Dr. Pierre Azam, nutritionist doctor, who gives various tips to avoid regaining weight after a diet.

Gradually change your eating habits

A diet that is too strict and far from them is likely to fail over a long distance. Certainly, in principle any diet, you will lose weight and in general, quite quickly. But too restrictive a diet may tire you physically and increase your frustration. As you go along, it will be difficult for you to resist the temptation of certain foods. But is not the goal the long term?

Lose weight thanks to mindfulness

Full of benevolence and self-awareness, the nutrition mindfulness allows you to lose weight without depriving oneself Discover here the nutrition mindfulness in practice!

Listen to you!

Food and food intake are linked to many factors: biological, environmental, psychological, social ... Also before changing certain eating habits, do a quick introspection: at this moment are you in your head? Do not you have any particular stress, etc. ? In case of psychological difficulties, you are vulnerable, and change your diet, like that, overnight, will not necessarily lead to the expected results. In this case, it is advisable to take care of your psyche ... before your weight.

Practice a physical activity

The practice of a sport participates in a weight loss as well as the remodeling of the silhouette, provided to do it in a regular way. This increase in physical activity is important to maintain weight loss. 1/2 brisk walk, three times a week or even every day is already very beneficial on the pounds.

Want to move? Here are 20 sports to burn calories!

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