Tattooing: the risks

The major risk when performing a tattoo is an infection, whether bacterial (streptococcus or staphylococcus) or viral (hepatitis B or hepatitis C, herpes, HIV ...). It's rare, but the risk exists. And that's why hygienic conditions must be optimal.

The tattoo artist must therefore practice in clean and disinfected premises regularly. He must wear gloves (new) and unseal the instruments he will use in front of the client. If these basic conditions are not respected, it is better to change shops! The new regulations that better regulate the activity of tattoo artists, allows today more security.

Recommendations and contraindications to tattooing

Certain diseases weakening the body's immune system, such as diabetes or cancer, but also certain skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis ...), and of course blood, such as AIDS, can be a brake .

Similarly, taking certain medications, especially anticoagulants, is a major contraindication to tattooing.

Henna tattoos: attention danger

Ephemeral, the henna tattoo fades over time but is not without risk: an intolerance to the product used can turn into a chronic allergic reaction.

Sometimes pigments are added to the henna paste to intensify the color. These assets are generally derived from the textile industry (such as PPD) and are used at doses much too concentrated to be harmless.

The immediate consequence: a violent skin reaction at the tattoo site. In the end, an intolerance to the pigments used, which can occur in contact with clothing dyed with its same assets, for example.

The tattoo with jagua, a temporary and natural tattoo?

The joke, is it really natural? What is its life span? And are there any risks? All you need to know about jagua!

Our advices

> To find someone you trust, ask around. It's still word of mouth that works best.

> Always make sure that the premises are well maintained. Do not hesitate to ask for a visit to the shop and to visit several to get an idea.

> Take time for reflection! If after a first interview, you are not very sure, come back later. A tattoo is for life, so to regret nothing make it a thoughtful act!

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