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IUD: recommendations and contraindications

The IUD has many advantages, among them the fact that this contraceptive method is generally very well tolerated.

However, like any contraception, the IUD can also be accompanied by some inconvenience more or less troublesome:

The side effects "

The impact of the IUD on the rules

Thus, there is often a slight increase in the volume of the rules, as well as their duration (copper IUD). In some cases, they can also be accompanied by stomach aches. This is why it can be discouraged for women who already have abundant periods!

Weight gain or acne

Due to their hormone content, hormonal sterilets can produce the same side effects as the pill, such as mild weight gain or temporary return of acne. These symptoms, however, tend to disappear over time.


The contraindications of the IUD are few. However, the hormonal IUD is contraindicated in case of certain pathologies:

  • phlebitis,
  • pulmonary embolism,
  • certain cancers: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or cancer of the uterus,
  • liver disease

Other contraindications of the IUD:

  • a pathology or malformation of the uterus that could prohibit the insertion of an IUD,
  • an allergy to one of its components,
  • pregnancy (although IUD insertion is technically possible during pregnancy)

The stress of the thread

Yarns hooked to the IUD come out through the cervix into the vagina, these threads will be used by the doctor to remove the IUD from the uterus.

Women who have an IUD must learn to feel the threads and check them regularly, their presence proving that the IUD is still there. If they are not feeling, if they are shortened or lengthened, it is because the IUD may have moved. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

Our advices :

> The IUD is often scary, especially to young women because it is a foreign body that will stay in place for a long time. There is however no risk (of infection or other). So you can trust!

> Some doctors are not always in favor of placing an IUD in a woman who has not had a child, for fear (based on recent studies) of risk of uterine infection then sterility. Do not hesitate to contact different doctors installed in private, working in hospitals or family planning centers ...

In video: After how long to change his IUD? The answer of the expert ...

The IUD is one of the most effective methods of contraception. However, this effectiveness decreases over time due to the aging of the contraceptive complement of the IUD. But when is this the case? The answer of the expert ...

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