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IUD: questions to the expert

Many of you ask questions about the IUD in our forums. We passed them on to Dr. Elia, a gynecologist and author of the booklet Les Iililets from A to Z *, who gave his answers.

Here are 5 questions about the IUD that we asked our expert:

Why focus on the IUD with the contraceptive pill?
In case of smoking, the IUD is preferred to the pill?
Can I use an IUD when pregnant?
Can I breastfeed with an IUD?
Can the IUD be embarrassing to make love?

Why focus on the IUD with the contraceptive pill? What are its main advantages?

Dr. Elia: Each means has its more and its less. And what is an advantage for one woman is not necessarily for another.

The IUD has various advantages:
It offers superior efficiency, (like the implant): it is a technique that does not depend on the woman, she can not remove it, resume, etc.
For the IUD, the failure rate of effectiveness is around 0.4%, compared to 5-6% for the pill in real life.
Then, the IUD is a long-term method (many years): when the women support it well, they even forget the existence, and in its ravies.

The complications of the IUD are rare:
Among the complications, infection of the uterus is the most feared by the doctors, there are also the accidents of pose (perforation of the uterus). But these complications are very rare.
For the copper IUD, the rules can be abundant and long, it depends on the women.

The pill, however, retains its benefits: Some women prefer to keep control over their contraception.
The disadvantages: there is the risk of forgetfulness that can be binding for some women.
Finally the pill is contraindicated when a woman has too many risk factors such as: smoking, cholesterol, obesity.

In summary :
There is not one better contraception than another. There are women who support the pill wonderfully, others the IUD. It is therefore a question of comfort and personal choice.
Depending on the advantages and disadvantages for each mode of contraception, each woman must choose according to her situation, her personality, her specific risks (if she smokes, if she has already suffered from uterine tubal infections).
NB: we do not choose a contraceptive method for life and so, depending on the moment of life, it can be the pill, the IUD, the condom, .

In case of smoking, the IUD is preferred to the pill?

Dr. Elia: It depends on the pills: tobacco is contraindicated when taking an estrogen-containing pill. But for pills containing only progestins, the risk of smoking is not increased.

As for the IUD, it can be used from the beginning of sexuality to menopause without any problem. And indeed, regardless of the type of IUD, whether copper or hormonal: it does not contain estrogen.

Find Dr. Elia's answers to many other frequently asked questions in his book The IUDs from A to Z. available free on the website doctordavidelia.fr !

Can I use an IUD when pregnant?

Dr. Elia: Unfortunately, yes. These are infrequent cases, which we try to avoid as a doctor. Because to put an IUD on a pregnant woman, that means to risk a miscarriage, a haemorrhage ... In short, it is to take risks whereas it is useless. It is therefore avoided to put the IUD on a woman who is suspected pregnant.

Can I breastfeed with an IUD?

Dr. Elia: Yes, no problem. An IUD can be placed very quickly after delivery. There are even doctors who put an IUD during childbirth. Personally, I think that at this point, it's a bit limited but sometimes contraception is urgent!

Usually, we try to wait a few weeks after giving birth before putting on an IUD - whether or not there is breastfeeding. And it's the same in case of cesarean section, but we must be careful in this case, when the scar is recent.

Can the IUD be embarrassing to make love?

Dr. Elia: It depends. A priori not because the IUD can not be felt by the partner: it is in the uterus - and not in the vagina. But the thread that emerges from the cervix, can "sting" if it is too long. It's not going to hurt him, but it can interfere of course.

If the wire is really troublesome, we can cut the thread in the neck: it will not be seen anymore during the gynecological examination.

This is not a problem in itself, but there are small difficulties when it comes to removing the IUD a few years later: we will end up looking for the wire in the neck. In principle, the goal is to always leave it visible so you can remove the IUD easily.

* Dr. Elia "The IUDs from A to Z". A booklet available free of charge on the website doctordavidelia.fr

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> IUDs from A to Z, Dr. David Elia. Booklet available free of charge on the website doctordavidelia.fr

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