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The sauna: well-being for body and soul

The sauna is a tradition from Finland dating back centuries. Indeed, in the Scandinavian countries, the sauna is a real institution that is practiced with family, friends.

In France, the sauna first entered the gyms, to eliminate muscle fatigue due to sports activity. Today, the sauna has gone well beyond the sport and gained ground: just like the hammam, it is a real wellness program, offering both health benefits and beauty.

In our file, we present you :
> The sauna principle and the progress of a session step by step.
> You also discover the many benefits of the sauna, but also the contraindications and precautions to take.

> After reading our file, you will know everything about the sauna, and we will even answer the eternal question: the sauna, does it lose weight?

Moreover, to be precise, it would be more correct to speak here of the Finnish or Scandinavian sauna, and not of the sauna at all. Because there are many forms of sauna. Thus, you will discover in this folder also the infrared sauna, the facial sauna, as well as other saunas much less known ...

The principle of the sauna

The sauna cabin is made of northern pine; inside, benches on several levels, and a boiler where the volcanic stones heat. During the session, you can pour water on these stones to humidify the atmosphere; however, unlike the hammam where the atmosphere is saturated with 100% humidity, the heat of the sauna remains dry (between 3 and 20%), but also more important: from 79 to 90 ° c approximately.

The ritual of the sauna, step by step

A session in the sauna begins with a shower first; for hygiene of course, but also to warm the body. Care should be taken to rub the extremities of the body (feet and hands) in order to reach a relatively homogeneous temperature all over the body. Careful drying will prevent the body from cooling, but also not to delay the process of sweating once in the cabin.

Then one enters the cabin, where one sits, at choice, on the bench of the top or the bottom. Know it: the higher you go, the more heat is important. Small precision: the sauna is preferably done naked, for hygiene, but also not to interfere with the process of sweating and circulation.

This first cabin passage lasts for a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes; little by little, the sweat process begins. It is first the upper part of the body that transpires. When the sweat runs out of pearl on the body, it's time to go out. This passage can be shortened; the process of sweating is not yet well established, the body temperature rises faster, and the heat can quickly become unbearable ... Listen to your body!

Direction the shower next, or lukewarm water, or better fresh, will remove sweat and cool the skin. In traditional saunas, it is in a bath of cold water (17 ° c) that will dive the most courageous! After the shower, a little rest (15, 20 minutes) for the body to restore its functions. To prevent the body from getting cold, think about covering yourself.

At a state-of-the-art sauna session, this cycle is repeated three times: hot shower + sauna + cool shower + rest. The duration of the sauna varies from 8 to 15 minutes; it is usually the second passage that is the longest, because the body is used to heat. In the third passage, fatigue is felt, so we can either remove it or shorten it. Between each session in the cabin, remember to rehydrate.

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The benefits of the sauna

The high temperature causes significant sweating, which eliminates toxins accumulated by our body.

The strong heat also helps to relax the muscles, to evacuate the tensions of the body and the possible aches. It also stimulates the heart function. The alternation of hot / cold gives a whiplash to the blood circulation.

Finally, the "knock-out" effect of heat (the whole body is mobilized to regulate its temperature, the brain, "picks up") frees itself from everyday concerns.

Beware of blood circulation disorders!

The disorders of the blood circulation can be related to the heart, the arteries or the veins, which constitutes very different pathologies ... The point on this frequent disorder

Lose weight thanks to the sauna: stop to the received ideas!

And no, the sauna does not lose weight ... We can certainly note a small weight loss of the order of 1 kilo after a session of sauna, but it is only water, released during the sweat process to maintain body temperature; this loss will be compensated by the taking of drink or food. In no case does the heat "melt" the fat.

Precautions and contraindications

The dry heat of the sauna subjects the body to many changes, so it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting a session in the sauna.

Sauna is contraindicated for people with hypertension, heart problems, venous insufficiency, kidney failure, epilepsy.

Avoid eating and drinking before the sauna; alcohol is of course strongly discouraged.

Finally, if there is a rule in terms of sauna, it is this: be attentive to the reactions of his body, and know how to get out of the cabin when you feel that one has reached its limits.

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Authors: Dorothee Gebele, Dr. Nicolas Evrard

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