The Hollywood Diet: Contraindications

This diet is of course absolutely prohibited in children and adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, athletes, and anyone who is sick or suffering from disorders requiring a healthy and balanced diet, such as diabetics.

Our advices :

> Even if the name of the diet seems miraculous, it is unlikely that you end up with a body star in 10 days ... The result can be a few pounds quickly, but soon if later if you does not apply certain dietary rules.

> If, despite our warnings, you are tempted by the Hollywood diet, consult a doctor or dietician beforehand.

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Sources: To our knowledge, there is no real scientific study evaluating the Hollywood regime, especially put forward for commercial purposes. But it is based on known dietary principles. AFSSA. Obesity: Assessment and Evaluation of Prevention and Management Programs, Inserm, 2006.

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