The Dukan Diet

In his book I do not know how to lose weight, Dr. Pierre Dukan , nutritionist, presents his "main principles" for losing weight. Today, this doctor offers a paid follow-up by internet.

The main principles of the Dukan regime

The Dukan diet gives pride to proteins. Their interest in a plan? Pure proteins are low in calories and tend to reduce appetite. Their assimilation by our organism also entails a high calorie expenditure; finally, they allow a loss of weight without melting muscle.

Composed of 4 phases, this method also thinks after the regime; in order to avoid the almost systematic resumption of weight when returning to a normal diet, this is done over a long period.

Finally, and the greediest and most greedy will be reassured, the Dukan diet allows some differences: 2 "gala meals" are allowed per week, to avoid the frustration that often leads to the failure of the regime.

Phase 1, the attack phase

This is the pure protein phase: for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days depending on the desired objective, one consumes at will foods with high protein content.

Meat (veal, beef, horse except rib steak, rib of beef and pintail), poultry without skin (except duck and goose), lean hams, fish, seafood, dairy products at 0% are to be consumed at will. All other foods are strictly not recommended.
This fast start phase ensures a fairly consistent weight loss.

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