The G-spot is an erogenous zone whose stimulation triggers an orgasm of intensity at the limit of the mystical experience.

Called kanda by the Tantrics, black pearl by the Taoist, in the West point G takes its name from Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who located and identified it in 1950. Since then, point G has continued to fuel the debate. and the imagination.

But several questions about the G point remain unanswered: its exact nature, where it comes from, if it is felt in the same way by all women. As to whether all women have a G-spot, the question is not yet clear; to each to verify it by starting to discover his body, alone or accompanied.

Where is point G?

It is assumed that one has a point G asks the question: how to find this point of pleasure?

Physically, the G spot is located in the vagina about 6 centimeters from the vulva, in the upper wall (ie on the belly side). It is a slightly rough area of ​​variable size, between that of a bean and that of a coin. Stimulated, the size of this tissue increases and it begins to throb. During orgasm, it may have doubled in volume.

Another clue is that G-spot stimulation causes a urge to urinate because it passes the urethra, leading to the bladder. Far from stopping you, this sign should inspire you to persevere, until its disappearance in favor of more pleasant sensations.

The G-spot of the woman is located in the vagina about 6 cm from the vulva, in the upper wall.

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