The perfect breakfast to stay in shape

To start the day, nothing like a good breakfast ! This is THE meal not to be missed, according to the nutritionists.

Many people skip breakfast. Not hungry in the morning, not enough time before leaving for school or before going to work ... the reasons given are many, and skipping this meal is not without consequences on our health. While a sandwich is being prepared in a few tens of seconds ...

In short: we have progress to make in terms of ideal breakfast. But what is the recipe for a good, healthy breakfast suited to our journaling needs? We take stock of the benefits of a full and balanced breakfast.

Bad breakfast

Speed ​​and ease have been the hallmarks of our diet for a few years. The French are turning more and more often to prepared dishes that they can eat on the run.

Breakfast is no exception, especially for teenagers. One in two teens leave home empty-handed, or turn to biscuits, spreads or breakfast cereals. Food that is too fat and too sweet that does not meet the needs of our body.

Beware of "fancy" cereals made from refined flours. In addition, corn flour, for example, does not have a very high nutritional value. These cereals are in addition covered with sugar ...

Eat well to stay slim

Contrary to what one might think, eating well in the morning keeps the line. Indeed, we must not put the body in a state of deprivation.

For people who pay attention to their weight, it is recommended to have a "normal" breakfast and to reduce the calories that are not needed (butter, sugar ...).

The Inca II study found that people who consume the most calories and carbohydrates at breakfast are the thinnest.

The basis of the balanced diet: 3 meals a day and various foods.

Discover here our recipe for a balanced breakfast!

Re-educate younger generations to "healthy eating"

Breakfast is a food ritual very well anchored in the habits of adults. In fact, 85% of adults eat breakfast in the morning, compared to 50% of 15-17 year olds!

It is therefore necessary to teach children the importance of having a good breakfast. In this way breakfast will become a ritual that will be kept in adulthood and transmitted again ...

In addition, it will rehabilitate the friendliness and sharing with the family!

To know: 10 rules for a healthy and balanced diet

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Authors: Dr. Nicolas Evrard, Marie Louveau

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