Twisted penis

The twisted penis, the deformed sex ... the doctors speak of bent penis. No matter what name is given to this deformity of the male anatomy, this twisted penis which appears in erection, provokes a real legitimate worry, accompanied quite often by a pain.

Although the incident is traumatic and distressing, although it can be painful and disabling, it does not matter. We must dare to talk about it and go see a urologist who will advise you and help you. The deformity comes from a sclerous plate, not extensible, during the erection.

The twisted penis is most often due to Lapeyronie's disease especially affects men after age 50. And this is explained: over time, collagen fibers are more fragile and more rigid. Tissues are therefore more sensitive to trauma and regenerate more easily.

If the drugs are not very effective, the surgery is. You only need to bring a little patience. Since the disease can heal spontaneously, the urologist will wait a year and a few months, before considering an intervention. It is when the curvature has stabilized that the operation can be planned.

And, above all, no shame, no embarrassment! This twisted penis problem is relatively common!

It is estimated that at least 1% of men are affected. But according to some specialists, it would be between 4 and 5% of the male population that would suffer. And it seems that the disease is more and more frequent. Perhaps, simply, dare we speak more about it!

The anatomy of the male genitals :

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Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Professor Pierre Costa, president of the Association inter-hospital-university of sexology, and urologist at the University Hospital of Nîmes.

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