Mascara: which mascara to choose?

Lying, curling, volumizing ... the choice of mascaras is vast. The textures and the shape of the brushes are studied in order to correct the possible defects of the eyelashes.

The short eyelashes will choose a lengthening mascara, fine eyelashes a volumizing mascara, stiff eyelashes curling mascara.

Some mascara, so-called fortifying, also have a care function; they revitalize the anemias, dry, damaged eyelashes.

To prevent mascara from sinking, choose a waterproof mascara; water resistant, it is the essential product of the summer.

People with allergies or eye irritations and lens wearers will choose special sensitive eye formulas. In all cases, it is advisable to choose a product ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, and to remove makeup every night with a suitable product.

The mascara bases, white color, combine care and protection while amplifying the effect of mascara.

What color for my mascara?

Blue lagoon, green fir, purple ... the color palette has been considerably enriched in recent years. It will be chosen according to the color of the eyes, but also the desired effect.

The classic black brings volume and length to the eyelashes; it is a neutral color that gives radiance to all shades of iris.

To bring out the color of your iris, take advantage of the wide palette and play with the different colors. Green eyes will be highlighted by purple, purple or green mascara; blue or gray eyes with brown, blue, navy or purple mascara; brown eyes with blue, green or brown mascara.

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