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Lumbago, or acute low back pain, is a back pain above the buttocks, located in the lumbar region, possibly with irradiations in the buttocks, towards the thigh, or forward at the level of the crease of the groin.

Lumbago is generally due to a pathology of the spine or its environment (muscles, tendons ...). The pain sometimes tends to become chronic, with periods of remissions more or less total. This problem is extremely common and treatments are not always up to expectations.

The vertebral column is made up of 33 vertebrae including 5 lumbar vertebrae (L1, L2, L3 ...) followed by the sacral vertebrae (S1, S2, ...) and the coccyx. A cartilaginous intervertebral disc is inserted between each vertebra, it is composed of a central nucleus, the nucleus pulposus, surrounded by fibrous rings. It serves as a damper, allows the mobility of the vertebrae between them, and gives some flexibility to the spine.

The vertebrae, they protect the spinal cord, strategic nervous structure of communication through the nerves between the organs, the muscles, the skin and the brain.

Who to consult?

When lumbago persists, a rheumatologist and a functional rehabilitation doctor can be consulted. But at first, it is most often a general practitioner who takes care of it. Other professionals are often solicited: physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths ...

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