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Fitness: the effects of fitness on health

The effects of fitness are felt at different levels:

> At the cardiovascular level: the heart is a muscle like the others that must be maintained! The fitness practiced regularly (by a background work), and without forcing too much, reduces blood pressure, and reduces the likelihood of infarction, increasing the strength and endurance of the heart.

> At the muscular level: A sustained and regular activity allows to increase the muscular mass.

> Refine and tone your figure: Regular physical activity can also refine the body, reduce body fat ... better than any miracle product!

> Self-confidence: Fitness, like sport in general, allows you to escape, but also to reclaim your body, to refocus on yourself.
In addition, group activities allow some to socialize and meet new people.

Where to practice?

Most gyms now offer fitness classes, with schedules that often adapt to work hours (classes in the evening, between noon and 2 pm, or on weekends).

For those who live far from a sports center, there are many programs (dvd, game consoles ...) that can be followed live from your living room!

In video: slim down the waist - 4 exercises to get there

4 exercises and the advice of our sports coach to have the fine size!

Do you want to share, share your experience or ask a question? See you in our FORUM Sport !

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