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Diabetes and school: what should you bring?

A day at school for a diabetic child:

> Ideally, your child has had a good breakfast and will not need to re-school. If, however, he has not taken anything and to avoid hypoglycaemia, offer him a small snack which he will bring for the break of 10:00.

In the context of food restrictions established to prevent obesity, snacks are prohibited in nursery and primary schools. You will need to keep the teaching team informed of this "gap".

> Lunch in the canteen: there are no restrictions for your child's lunch. Just make sure the meal is (relatively) balanced, as much as it would be for a non-diabetic child.

> The snack is necessary and should not be zapped. It must consist of a fruit, a fruit juice drink, and a cake or two buttered toast.

What does it take to school?

For the school, you need an extra kit containing different items, utensils. These will allow your child to benefit from monitoring and proper management of his diabetes, even during school hours. This material includes:

> A glucose meter to measure blood sugar levels. This is necessary in case of hypoglycemia or during sports activities.

> An injection pen (to perform insulin injections).

> Three sugars or three candies (in the pocket) are needed, or a small can of soda, in case of hypoglycemia at any time of the day.
Warning: it is important to give a glucagon kit to the infirmary if the child has a hypoglycemic coma at school. It will be necessary to learn, to train the nurse or the professor to carry out this injection of glucagon, if it is necessary.

Diabetes quiz

Sugar, carbohydrates, insulin, genetic factor, diet ... What do you really know about diabetes? Take our quiz!

Sport at school

At school, your child with diabetes will have to measure their blood glucose before starting an intense physical activity, but also afterwards.

If before doing an exercise, his blood sugar is normal or low, it is advisable to take a fruit or three biscuits (type small butter).

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