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Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a virus belonging to the Herpes-Virus family.

In an infected organism it can be found in urine, sexual secretions (sperm and vaginal secretions), saliva, sputum, breast milk and blood as well as affected organs.

The term cytomegalovirus is used because the virus causes the increase in lymphocyte size (blood cells) sign characteristic of a CMV infection.

Transmission mode

CMV is excreted in the urine and saliva for months or even years after infection and then it persists in the latency state, it can be excreted again in case of immunosuppression.

Transmission occurs through direct cutaneous or mucous contact (urine, saliva, breast milk, vaginal secretions, sperm), or during pregnancy from mother to fetus, or during blood transfusions or organ transplants.

The children carrying the germ are very numerous.

People at risk

There are so-called risky populations where CMV can give a serious disease: immunocompromised patients, transplant patients, AIDS patients, non-immunized pregnant women, ... these pregnant women must be very vigilant if they are in contact with young children .

Nursing staff and nursery staff may be in contact with carriers of CMV, precautions to avoid transmitting the virus are important to know.

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