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The marriage counselor

The marriage counselor is trained in the individual, marital and family interview. He is a professional who helps people find ways to improve the quality of their relationship life. It will help families who are experiencing problems, who are in conflict ... The help of the marriage counselor is mainly done by solving communication problems.

In order to exercise the trade of marriage counselor, a certificate of aptitude for marriage and family counseling is necessary. The training is open to people with a degree in medical, paramedical, social, educational, psychological, legal or animation, or having previously attended the education for life training. These courses are approved by the public authorities.

His role ?

The marriage and family counselor helps to understand what is happening in the couple and suggests ways of thinking so that people find their own solutions. It helps the couple regain their potential and helps to bring out what can be improved and can relieve the troubles.

The marriage counselor informs, helps with reflection and directs if necessary. He guides people towards discovering their own solutions. It can intervene for all the difficulties and stages of life (to couple, to have a baby, to marry ...) of relational, sexual, or emotional order. Most importantly, it is essential for the marriage counselor to help couples make a decision that is mutually agreeable to them.

However, the marriage counselor has its limits: if we find or suspect a proven pathology, it is up to the doctor or the psychiatrist to intervene.

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