Colon cancer: second most deadly cancer in France

Colon cancer is the 2nd most deadly cancer in France, with more than 42, 000 new cases each year: about 100 people diagnosed every day!

Colon cancer is also the second most common cancer in women, and the third most common in men. It is a malignant tumor that develops throughout the colon: right colon, transverse colon, left colon, sigmoid loop.

Colon cancer is a disease that heals most of the time if it is taken in time, and the tumor is still circumscribed. The best way to put all the chances on one's side is to make a regular screening from 50 years, even regular colonoscopies in cases of colon cancer in the family, inflammatory bowel disease, or in case of polyps.

Rectorrhagia, ie the presence of blood in the stool does not mean colon cancer, but requires further investigations to identify the possible presence of a polyp, another lesion. .. or even cancer.

The treatment of colon cancer is done in a specialized hospital department. Different solutions are possible depending on the location and stage of the tumor: surgery, chemotherapy, anti-angiogenesis drugs or other targeted therapy ... and also other treatments that are being tested. This is particularly the case of "personalized" therapies adapted to cancer DNA.

Having a high fiber diet, with green vegetables, a reasonable amount of meat, little animal fat throughout one's life could limit the risk of developing colon cancer. Studies have also shown that vitamin D and vitamin A would be beneficial to protect against colon cancer, as well as aspirin ...

Fortunately, thanks to screening and new treatments, progress has been made to cure more patients with colorectal cancer.

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