Calcium: our advice

Calcium is good. It takes - but not too much ....

Here are our tips to make sure your body has the calcium intake it needs:

  • If you need calcium, do not just eat cheese. Some have the disadvantage of bringing a lot of fat and salt.
  • Diversify your calcium intake, by eating also green vegetables.
  • If you miss calcium, read the labels of mineral water bottles where the amount of calcium is indicated.
  • The daily intake of calcium should be taken several times during the day so that the intestine absorbs a sufficient quantity.
  • The absorption of calcium depends in part on vitamin D. The doctor may prescribe drugs combining vitamin D + calcium.
  • If you take calcium supplements, be aware that they may interfere with the absorption of certain medications (such as antibiotics). In this event, ask your doctor for advice.

10 rules for a balanced diet

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Sources: French Agency for Food Safety (Afssa). National Health Nutrition Program.

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