Bruxism (grinding of teeth)

Do you sometimes wake up with jaw pain? Does your spouse complain about the teeth grinding you do during the night? You may be suffering from bruxism.

Bruxism manifests as abnormal and involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth.

It consists of contractions of the masticatory muscles, which occur outside the chewing and swallowing phases.

Anyone can have isolated episodes of bruxism one day or another that should not be worrying. It is when the grinding of teeth becomes more frequent that it is necessary to consult a dental surgeon to avoid damaging the teeth and the jaw.

There are two main types of bruxism.

Centered bruxism:

This centered bruxism is spoken when the person grits their teeth very hard, but without squeaking. Clamping consists of simple jaw pressures, which do not produce noises. This type of bruxism is often characterized by severe jaw pain upon awakening, which may be accompanied by migraines.

Eccentric bruxism:

We speak of eccentric bruxism when the pressures of the teeth are accompanied by friction causing movements of the jaw back and forth, as if the person chewed empty.

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