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The water aerobics

Aquagym has been booming for a few years now, and even attracted the least sporty of us ...

Its advantages ? Movements facilitated by the water, a massage effect of the most pleasant, a friendly atmosphere ...

Why gym in the water?

As its name suggests, water aerobics is a gymnastics practiced in the water. But why in the water? Because the aquatic element is an ideal environment for physical activity, says Habib, sports coach Club Med Gym Waou. Thanks to its buoyancy firstly: the natural lift makes the body lighter, and therefore easier movements. Its resistance to movement afterwards: while lightening the body thanks to the effect of quasi-weightlessness (the famous thrust of Archimedes), at the same time the water opposes a resistance. For each movement, we must redouble our efforts; the exercises therefore gain in effectiveness.

On the other hand, if women particularly enjoy water aerobics, it is undoubtedly for the "fluidity", the "softness" of water, adds Habib. Water forms a kind of cocoon that dampens shocks and thus helps to prevent microtrauma of the joints; the aquatic element also alleviates the work of the back, often manhandled during the gymnastics on the ground.

Aquagym, for whom?

This is the good news: water aerobics is a sport for everyone, including the most sedentary of us! The less athletic will preferably choose a beginner's course.
The natural lift of the water favoring the movements, the aquagym is ideal for the overweight people, the seniors, as well as for the pregnant women. In addition, many exercises work the lower back, often painful during pregnancy.

Discover some exercises in video:

Simple exercises and effective, to perform in the water, and the advice of the coach to have a nice firm and well-shaped buttocks.

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Thanks to Habib, a sports coach at Club Med Gym Waou

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