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The gastric band: contraindications

The people who can benefit from it must be motivated, and they must not have contraindications.
This surgical procedure is not indicated for people who are bulimic and have a compulsive attitude towards food and who are able to swallow large quantities of food in a few minutes.

Complications that can be avoided

The ring can move especially when vomiting is important, especially just after the procedure; he can migrate to the light of the stomach.

Gastric dilations are also possible if the meals are too large, if the patient drinks soft drinks; they can cause a displacement of the ring.

A radiological check is often done to see if the ring is in place.

Vomiting can irritate the esophagus.

It is sometimes necessary to remove the ring if it is poorly tolerated.

It is important to follow the dietary advice given by the medical team: after the procedure, vomiting is common, it is necessary to make several small meals a day but not to nibble; the food will be liquid for a few days then mixed until gradually resume normal meals. Sometimes, the meat does not pass, it is then necessary to mix it.

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