Cat allergy

In France, more than ten million cats are present in families, a figure that continues to grow. But not easy to live with these balls of hair every day when you are allergic to cats!

Contrary to popular belief, cat allergy is not caused by their hair, but by a substance in the saliva and secretions of animals.

The hairs are therefore only a "support" allergens, which can be found everywhere in a house, on carpets, bedding, carpets ...

Cat allergy is essentially a respiratory allergy, the intensity of which does not depend on the breed or the size of the animal.

The best solution, when one is allergic to the cat, remains ... not to have cats, even if it is difficult to avoid any contact with the allergen, because it can end up on clothes, for example.

Sometimes this allergy is difficult to live with, especially when the person who develops it likes cats a lot or already has one. Fortunately, there are solutions and treatments that allow these people to continue to live with their animals, while releasing effectively most of the time symptoms of allergy.

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What is a respiratory allergy? At what age can we develop an allergy? Is it hereditary? Can we prevent an allergy? The essentials about allergies in 19 questions!

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