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Adolescence and its problems: alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Drinking in the evening, smoking a firecracker, appear in the eyes of adolescents as banal elements to have fun. The risks of excesses and excesses are sometimes not far, but the subject remains difficult to address for parents who do not attend directly.

The situation slips when you drink to get drunk to be sick, and the young takes the car intoxicated. Today we talk about " binge drinking ", this behavior coming from Anglo-Saxon countries.

In the long run, the young risk of "socializing", of having a marginalized life. Parents and relatives should not be afraid to approach the subject with the teenager and encourage them to get help to get out of this situation.

Of course, the chances of success of a care increase, if the young person decides to consult. But do not wait for this "click" to start acting ...

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Depression and suicide

In young people, depression may be manifested by hidden behaviors that are not always easy for parents to identify, as the adolescent tends to be more independent and begins to lead - in a way - his / her own life.

Signs that are apparently not very alarming may indicate profound malaise, such as dumbness, insomnia, absenteeism, crying explosions for no apparent reason.

The extreme stage of this depression can abruptly lead to suicide. Too many things to manage, school difficulties, sentimental disappointments, conflict with parents, fear of the future sometimes lead to the desire to stop everything.

Depression in children and teens

About 3% of children and 14% of teenagers suffer from depression. But it is not always easy to identify ... How to recognize the signs of depression in young people?

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