Vitamin C: The recommended nutritional intake.

On average, the recommended dietary allowance (ANC, 110 mg for an adult) is satisfied daily thanks to a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables.

Note: Smokers need a higher dose (about 20% more).

Beware of excess: an exaggerated intake can cause digestive disorders, such as gastric burns. On the other hand, if one is subjected to urinary calculi, to a disease leading to an accumulation of iron in the organism, one must limit its consumption of vitamin C, just like the pregnant or nursing women.
The most serious form of vitamin C deficiency is scurvy, which results in severe anemia, muscle aches or bleeding ...

Scurvy: a strong vitamin C deficiency

If you still suffer from hypovitaminosis C, scurvy has rather disappeared ... How to avoid a lack of vitamin C?

Where is Vitamin C?

The strongest vitamin C intake is found in raw fruits and vegetables. The cooking of these foods partially destroys the vitamin C. We find mainly in, in descending order:
• Blackcurrant, fresh parsley,
• Peppers,
• The kiwi, the strawberry, the lychee,
• Citrus (lemon, orange, clementine ...),
• Vegetables from the cabbage family,
• Raw spinach, lamb's lettuce, lettuce,
• Blueberries, blackberries, nectarines.

Foods rich in vitamin C

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