Vitamin C

It is full of virtues vitamin C , especially because of its antioxidant properties. So much so that it is sold in pharmacies and department stores.

What is it for?

Ascorbic acid, another name for vitamin C, has essential properties for the proper functioning of the human body, particularly in the constitution of collagen fibers found in many tissues of the body, starting with the skin.
At the digestive and metabolic level, vitamin C allows a good absorption of iron in the body. Moreover, children lacking iron and therefore more vulnerable to infections, may not eat enough fruits and vegetables ...
Finally, vitamin C has a strong anti-oxidant activity (against the premature "aging" of cells) and stimulates our immune defenses.

Against fatigue, colds, cataracts ...

Although for some doctors, studies are lacking to validate certain properties of vitamin C, it is known to have a preventive effect against diseases and fatigue in general. So vitamin C:
- Reduce the duration of a cold. The most visible effects are observed in people with insufficient dietary intake.
- Stimulate awakening and therefore fight against fatigue.
- Prevents cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and cataracts ... especially because of these antioxidant properties. But again, the scientific arguments seem insufficient. Other vitamins and minerals would also work.

Foods rich in vitamins

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